Hi there, and welcome to the DiD short film website :)

The script for the film was written over 2008 , with the actual shoot taking place during a cold and wet week in November 2008.

We started out with our script, our solitary actor, our brave crew and a bunch of film equipment kindly donated by Take2Films, along with some very reduced price film stock courtesy of Kodak UK. With this in hand we made our way up to Snowdonia in North Wales where the entire film was to be shot, and began to prepare.

The film base was my old seconday school's outdoor pursuits centre, Ysgol Laymer. This base was ideal as it provided enough bedding for the entire crew and we also inherited the schools cook for the duration. As the saying goes, a well fed crew is a happy crew!

The weather was appaling which suited the look perfectly but made it very difficult to shoot. For safety reasons we brought in some mountain guides to help us find suitable locations safely and also act as first aiders on the shoot itself. Ann Sweeney from 'WildWales' acted as our senior location manager and safety expert and was an invaluable resource throught the shoot. She had amazing links with the local farmers and park wardens and this made our filming process much smoother.

The shoot itself went smoothly, bar the 80mph winds and torrential rain and hail, and the edit began in earnest dec 2008. We edited the film on an Avid media composer at Primefocus London.

All the DI and effects were done there, the film being graded on a Baselight colouring suite and scanned at 2k. We then worked at HD resolution in Smoke and After Effects to create the final piece.

The sound and music were also created during this time and worked closely alongside the editing process to keep the film growing organically.

We are now actively entering the film in to Festivals around the world, and have recently recieved news that the British Council have selected the film as one that they will promote internationally, helping with submissions and deliverables. This is very exciting news and will help give the film more exposure.

Please feel free to browse the site for more in-depth details about the film.